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Stephen Hinds - The Person

Before we get into qualifications, experience, recommendations, etc. I wanted to save you some time by introducing myself as a person. Coaching success is as much about personal fit, as it is about coaching quality.

After that, you can check out my professional qualifications and experience, including some very satisfied clients' testimonials.

If you believe that you would enjoy working with the guy in the video below, great!

Let's get on a call and we can discuss the challenges that brought you to my page, and how you and I can build an effective strategy together to ensure your success; Professional, Personal, or both, as is more often the case!


Stephen Hinds MBA -  Executive Coach

Executive Coach


What qualifications and experience do you possess that makes you a highly effective executive coach?


The greatest quality that a coach requires, after integrity, is credibility. One of the few advantages of being 56, is that I have 40 years of experience of leadership behind me. I promoted to Corporal at 19 and I have been in increasingly consequential leadership roles since.

Coaching is synonymous with leadership. It is my experience of leading and developing international, multi-disciplined teams, from the mountains of Austria, to the plains of Afghanistan. The final 6 years were in the role of Head of HR, which included the role of auditor for multi-million GBP accounts, and the completion of my MBA.

This extensive experience led me to a further 10 years in business, which saw me build my current training company and allowed me to become familiar with the boardrooms of some of the largest companies in Germany.

With multiple coaching and professional qualifications, my natural desire to help others has produced the perfect blend of coach who can 'walk the talk'.



How do you contribute to executives and teams in unlocking their potential?

 I provide: A clear eye, a listening ear, and an honest voice.

I give clients a confidential sounding board where they can say their thoughts and fears 'out loud'. I can apply my professional and life experiences so that, together, we can 'game out' the various strategies and identify the best way forward.

As an external provider, I have the added advantage of speaking honestly, without fear of personal criticism, or professional risk; something not always available to even the closest of in-house colleagues.


What makes you different from other executive coaches?


I don't consider myself to be in competition with anyone. I am honest to a point where you will either relish that, or feel threatened by it.

I will either be a 'hell, yes' for you, in terms of personal dynamics, or you will know as soon as we have been on a call for 15 minutes.

The discovery call is actually a two-way street. If I feel that I am not the best person for you, then I will tell you. I have been known to recommend colleagues whom I know would be a better match.

So you are 15 minutes away from being absolutely certain of whether or not we are right for each other. Why not click on the calendar link and we can have a chat?

Thank you for making it this far! If you would like to see what others who have already experienced my services have to say, feel free to check out the next section.


Clients Say it Best

"As an experienced CEO and team leader, I was pleasantly surprised by the remarkable transformation I experienced through Stephen's strategies, tools, and attentive guidance. Working with Stephen felt like having a seasoned co-founder by my side. Stephen's unwavering passion and commitment to my personal growth, my company's success, and my team's development ignited a new level of enthusiasm and empowerment within me."

John Alderete, PhD, MBA

CEO and business/strategy consultant

"Stephen has been an invaluable asset throughout my journey as a Vice President.

His unwavering support, extensive experience, profound insights, and commitment to my growth have left an indelible mark.

I've achieved significant breakthroughs, gained clarity in decision-making, and refined my strategic thinking.

Stephen's genuine dedication to my success shines through every session.

His expertise and genuine care for his clients make him an invaluable asset for any senior executive looking to accelerate their professional development.

Nils Höller PhD MBA

EVP Digital Retail & Analytics Solutions

"I’ve known Stephen Hinds professionally and personally for many years and have had personal experience of teams he’s developed and led. Stephen consistently demonstrated and set the highest performance and behavioural standards in all his people who followed him gladly...Inspirational, trustworthy,... Indeed, some of his training and organisational practices were adopted by the wider Army at that time."

Major General Ian Dale CBE

British Army. Formerly Director General Land Equipment

A Background of International Collaboration

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